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Heinz Aigner

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Tunnels for the future - clean and safe

As early as 1990 we started development and construction of electrostatic filters for exhaust gas removal in road tunnels. In 2000, our completely novel ECCO filter design was patented.

In intense cooperation with the Graz University of Technology and other Austrian research institutions, we were successful in further developing and improving our filtration systems. With our ECCOEP and our ECCOHybrid it was possible for us to establish a successful and solid position in the market of tunnel ventilation and filtration systems. With our new model, the ECCOairJet, we are entering the new age of filtration technology. The ECCOairJet is the most efficient filtration system (> 99%), which can be operated 24/7, is easy to use without the need of high voltage and can be cleaned during operation. For further information please see our attached brochures.

As a positive confirmation of our work, for the development of the ECCO filter design we were awarded the Innovation Prize of the State of Upper Austria.




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