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As the density of the traffic on our roads increases, the future is all about finding ways to increase the availability of tunnels while at the same time improving safety for road and tunnel users. For 60 years, SICK has been helping road and tunnel operators to take on this challenge, offering innovative products not only for measuring visibility and air quality in routine operation but also for air flow measurement and smoke detection in emergency situations.

The portfolio of tunnel sensors from SICK is designed for urban tunnels, overland tunnels, and tunnels in rail and subway systems. Whether it be routine operation or emergency situations, SICK is your one-stop-shop for virtually all tunnel monitoring applications. We measure

  • Air flow: velocity and direction
  • Air quality: carbon monoxide CO, nitrogen monoxide NO, nitrogen dioxide NO2
  • Fog monitoring: visual range
  • Visibility: K value
  • Traffic safety: overheight detection, hot-spot detector
  • Early fire detection: smok



SICK is a leading manufacturer of intelligent sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. With more than 10,000 employees and over 50 subsidiaries and equity investments as well as numerous agencies worldwide, SICK is always close to its customers. A unique range of products and services creates the perfect basis for controlling processes securely and efficiently, protecting individuals from accidents, and preventing damage to the environment.

SICK has extensive experience in various industries and understands their processes and requirements. With intelligent sensors, SICK delivers exactly what the customers need. In application centers in Europe, Asia, and North America, system solutions are tested and optimized in accordance with customer specifications. All this makes SICK a reliable supplier and development partner.

Comprehensive services round out the offering: SICK LifeTime Services provide support throughout the machine life cycle and ensure safety and productivity.

That is „Sensor Intelligence."




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