Tunnel Safety and Ventilation

Graz, April 21 – 23, 2008



Early Experience with the Road Tunnel Safety Law                                                                 1

Hörhan R.; Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, A


Evolving Needs of Tunnel Ventilation in a Changing World                                                     8

1STURM P.J., 1BACHER M., 2Brandt R.;
1Graz University of Technology, A, 2HBI-Haerter Ltd Consulting Engineers, CH


Safety Design for Long Road Tunnel                                                                                        22

OTA Y.; Ota Engineering, JPN


Visualization and Light in Tunnel Confines                                                                              30

BARTENBACH C., Canazei M.; Bartenbach LichtLabor GmbH, A


Refurbishment of the Safety and Ventilation Equipment of the Tunnel Chain Pack              34

WALTL A.; Styrian Government, A


Madrid Calle 30: An Urban Transformation Project                                                              40

PRESA J.; Ayuntamiento de Madrid, E


Ventilation System Design and Large Scale Fire Tests                                                            47

1Del Rey I., 2Espinosa I., 2Fernandez S., 2Grande A., 1Alarcon E.;

1ETSII, Technical University of Madrid, E 2FFII – CEMIM, Madrid, E


Scenario-Based Risk Analysis for Road Tunnels                                                                     55

Pons P.; BG Consulting Engineers, F


System-Based Risk Models for Road Tunnels                                                                          61

Zulauf C.; Ernst Basler + Partner AG, CH


Modelling Human Behaviour in Tunnels – Expectations and Reality                                     67

Martens M.H.; TNO Human Factors, NL


Effective Thrust Transformation inside Tunnels with Jet Fans (Banana Jet)                         74

WITT K.C., SCHÜTZE J.; Witt&Sohn AG, D


Starting-Up-Time and -Method of Fans for Emergency Tunnel Ventilation Systems            82

v.Vemden F.; Zitron Nederland B.V., NL


Design Criteria and Operational Limits for Axial Flow Fans operated in Parallel Mode      90

SCHILLER F., Howden Ventilatoren GmbH, D


Refurbishment of Existing Tunnels and Construction of 2nd Tubes –
Solutions to the Electrotechnical and Safety Equipment                                                          98

WIERER A., grasser h.; ASFINAG Baumanagement GmbH, A


Upgrading of the Ventilation System of the Gleinalm Road Tunnel                                      107

HEISER W.; EAS - Engineering Aerodynamic Systems, D


Quantification of the Leakages into Exhaust Ducts in Road Tunnels based on
In-Situ Measurements                                                                                                             111

Buchmann R.; Pöyry Infra Ltd., CH


Overcoming Evacuation Limitations of the Učka Tunnel by Improvement of
Fire Safety Measures                                                                                                                                                    119

Drakulic M., LOZIca m.; Brodarski Institute d.o.o., HR


Upgrading and Refurbishing Ventilation Systems in Road Tunnels - Engineering
with Conflicting Interests                                                                                                        125

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Single Tunnel and Still Safe – The Felbertauerntunnel                                                           133

KOELL M.; Felbertauernstraße AG, A


Safety Requirements & Transport of Dangerous Goods through the
53 Kilometer Railway Tunnel through the Alps between Lyon and Turin                            139


1Lyon-Turin Ferroviarie, F, 2ARCADIS, NL


Aerodynamics, Climate and Ventilation of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel:
First Results of the Measurements carried out during the Commissioning Phase                147

Rudin C., Busslinger A., HAGENAH B., Nyfeler S.; HBI Haerter Ltd., CH


Upgrading Toronto’s University Subway Line Ventilation System                                       157

Rhodes N., McCulloch M., Wong H.-W.; Hatch Mott MacDonald, USA


Numerical Studies on Displacement of Fire Smoke in a Road Tunnel with a T-Junction     168

DUTRIEUE R., PAPALEXANDRIS M.V.; Université Catholique de Louvain, B


Smoke Stratification Stability: Presentation of Experiments                                                176

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Predicting Fire Growth and Smoke Conditions in Tunnels and Metros -
An Advanced Fire Model                                                                                                        183

Sanchez J.G.; MTA-New York City Transit, USA


Ventilation Control of the Blanka Tunnel: A Mathematical Programming Approach        192

1Pořízek J., 1Zápařka J., 2Ferkl L.; 1Satra, CZ, 2Feramat Cybernetics, CZ


Integral Tests of Electromechanical Systems in Motorway Tunnels                                     197

FELDER H., SEIRER S.; Brandenberger + Ruosch Ltd., CH

Heller A., Local Road Agency (vif) of the Canton of Lucerne, CH


Automatic Incident Detection and Alerting in Tunnels                                                          201

Böhnke P.; ave Verkehrs- und Informationstechnik GmbH, D


Dimensioning of a Fresh-Air-Impulse-Damper                                                                      206

1Pruckmayer g.; 2Steinrück H., 2Brandl A.,  2Alletto M.;

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The Effect of a Water Mist System on Large-Scale Tunnel Fires                                         211

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HI-FOG Demonstration at TST, San Pedro de Anes, February 15 and 16, 2006                 226

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The Hazards of Trying to Improve the Safety of Tunnels                                                     234

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The Organisation and Cost of Tunnel Safety within the ASFINAG Group                           241

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Tunnel Safety: More than the Sum of the Individual Pieces of Safety Equipment                245

DIX A.; Lawyer & Scientist, AUS







Safety in Tunnels on Motor- and Expressways                                                                      251

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Integrating Cameras with Tunnel Control Systems                                                               259

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Measuring Leakages in Road Tunnels                                                                                    263

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Reports of the Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics                                  272