Tunnel Safety and Ventilation

Graz, May 3 – 4, 2010

Preface                                                                                                                                          I


Austrian Tunnel Safety Initiative – Status and Outlook                                                             1

A. Schedl; ASFINAG (Austria’s motorway and expressway funding company), A


Tunnel Safety by Ventilation – An Illusion?                                                                                5

F. Zumsteg1, U. Steinemann1, C. Joseph2;

1US+FZ Consultant Engineers, Lenzburg, CH

2Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), Berne, CH


Highway and Tunnel Control Centre S35 at Bruck/Mur and Safety Standards                       11

for Tunnels along the S35 Expressway

M. Gruber, G. Ruhdorfer; ASFiNAG Bau Management GmbH, A


On the Safety of Short Road Tunnels                                                                                        19

M. Bettelini, N. Seifert; Amberg Engineering Ltd., Regensdorf-Watt, CH


Investigations about Methods to Control Airflow in Road Tunnels                                        28

L.Ilg, P. Pospisil; HBI Haerter Ltd, Zurich, CH


Experiences on the Specification of Algorithms for Fire and Smoke Control
in Road Tunnels                                                                                                                         39

I. Espinosa1; S. Fernández 1; I. Del Rey2; E. Alarcón2;

1FFII – CEMIM, Madrid, E; 2ETSII-Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, E


New Austrian Guideline for the Transport of Dangerous Goods through Road Tunnels        44

F. Diernhofer1, B. Kohl1, R. Hörhan2;

1ILF Consulting Engineers, Linz; A
2Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Vienna, A


Development of Conceptual Risk and Safety Strategies for the
Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link Tunnel                                                                                               52

P. Williams1, P. Johnson2, J. Treldal3, S. Randrup-Thomsen3;

1Arup Fire, UK, 2Arup Fire, Australia, 3Rambøll, DK


Quantified Risk Analysis of Ventilation Systems in Road Tunnels:
Simple Portal-to-Portal Longitudinal Ventilation versus
Local Smoke Extraction Systems                                                                                                                             60

M. Steiger, N. Norghauer, J.R. Day; Pöyry Infra Ltd, CH


Traffic Management for an Urban Motorway Tunnel in Berlin                                                68

J. Lange, T. Klein; State Road Traffic Authority VLB, Berlin, D


Automatic Control of Two-Way-Tunnels with Simple Longitudinal Ventilation                      74

I. Nakahori1, A. Mitani1, A. Vardy2;

1Sohatsu Systems Laboratory Inc, JPN; 2University of Dundee, UK


Smoke Stratification Stability: Results of Experiments                                                            85


1Ineris Parc Technologique Alata, F, 2Egis tunnels, F,3LMFA UMR, F


Tehran Resalat Tunnel Innovations                                                                                          93

N. Modiri1, Z. Noferesti2;

1Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineers, Iran; 2Sharif University of Technology, Iran


Tunnel Technical Installation Testing Assures Demonstrable Tunnel Safety                       101

P.AM. Boersen; Sogeti Nederland B.V., NL


Sampling at Integrated Tests in Tunnels                                                                                109

M. Gubler, S. Frey, U. Welte; Amstein + Walthert Progress AG, CH


Leackages in Exhaust Ducts of Transverse Ventilated Road Tunnels                                  115

R. Buchmann, S. Gehrig; Pöyry Infra Ltd, Zurich, CH


From the Classical Fire-fighting Water Supply to Structure and Smoke-Gas Cooling,
Taking the Gleinalm Tunnel” as an Example, Part I                                                              123

C. Kaiser; Business manager of Kaiser & Mach ZT-GmbH, A


From the Classical Fire Fighting Water Supply to Structure and Smoke Gas Cooling
taking Gleinalmtunnel as an Example, Part II                                                                        131

H. Kern; AQUASYS Technik GmbH, Linz, A


Digital Video Surveillance in Road Tunnels                                                                           138

R. Pflugfelder1, A. Waltl2, B. Schalko3, G. Fernández1;

1Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH – AIT, A 2Styrian Government, A

3ASFINAG Mautservice GmbH, A


Video Detection of Dangerous Goods Vehicles in Road Tunnels                                          144

J.A. Birchbauer1, M. Köstinger2, P. Wohlhart2, P.M Roth2, H. Bischof2,
C. Windisch1; 1Siemens AG Österreich, A, 2Graz University of Technology, A


Detection of Risk Bearing Vehicles before Entering Tunnels                                               152

S. Hauser, C.Durrer, H. Kirst; ECTN AG, CH


A Risk Analysis Methodology for Tunnel Fire Safety                                                            157

C. Hiscock1, J. Munro1, B. Dandie2;

1Parsons Brinckerhoff, Aus, 2Thiess Pty Ltd, Aus


Odem: A One-Dimensional Egress Model for Risk Assessment                                         165

I.R. Riess, R. Brandt; HBI Haerter Ltd, Zurich, CH


Ventilation Design Tools and Validation                                                                                 173

M. BACHER, P.J. STURM, G. SCHMÖLZER; Graz University of Technology, A


Response of Ventilation in Case of 40MW and 80MW Tunnel-Fire –
The CFD Investigation                                                                                                            181

M. Muhasilovic1, J. Modic1, J. Duhovnik1, N. Brankovic2;

1University Ljubljana, SLO, 2University Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Dynamic and Intelligent Evacuation System for Tunnels                                                       192

J. Huovilainen; Marimils Oy, Vantaa, FIN


The Future of Road Guidance in Tunnels                                                                               197

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Findings from Fire Tests in Tunnel Constructions with Ventilation Systems

and Fixed Fire Suppression Systems                                                                                      203

R. Hofer; IBS Institute for Technical Fire Protection and Safety Research, Linz, A


Safety Management for Austrian Railway Tunnels                                                                 211

C. Neumann1, B. FöSSleitner2;

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Minimum Flow Velocity through Open Cross Passages in Twin Bore Rail Tunnels            219

V. Langner1, R. Bopp1, P.R. Bailey 2;

1Gruner GmbH Ingenieure und Planer, A

2Gruner AG Ingenieure und Planer, CH


Technical Issues on Ventilation of Underground Rail Transit (RT) Systems;
Focus on Turkey                                                                                                                      227

S. Kayılı, T. Köktürk, O.C. Eralp;

Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TK


Safety Installations in Road Tunnels – Are They Used in Incident Cases?                          235

             G. Rattei; ASFiNAG Service GmbH (Austria’s motorway and expressway funding company)


Safety in Road Tunnels / Statuary Regulations and Practical Implementation                       242

R. Hörhan; Ministry of Transportation, Innovation and Technology, A


The Impact of Fixed Fire Fighting Systems on Tunnel Safety –
The Burnley Incident in a Current Theoretical Perspective                                                 248

A. Dix, Scientist and Lawyer, Associate Professor, University of Western Sydney, AUS

How Safe Can A Tunnel Be – How Safe Will It Be? – Users’ Perspective                           256

- A Dangerous Driving Companion



How Safe Can A Tunnel Be – How Safe Will It Be? - Designers’ perspective                     263

J.R. DAY, Pöyry Infra Ltd, CH



Recent Developments and Applications of Tracer Gas Methods in Road Tunnels              269

B. Frei, A. Kägi;

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lucerne, CH


Numerical Investigation of the Flow Behaviour in a Modern Traffic Tunnel in
Case of Fire Incident                                                                                                               277

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Automatic Re-Calibration of Video-Detection-Systems                                                         286

A. Hrdlicka, M. Brake, S. Paukner;

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Baffles as a Means of Station Protection from High Air Velocities -
Comparison of Analytical and field measurements results                                                 289

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Review of Road Tunnel Standards – The Safety Implications on
Urban Road Tunnels in Singapore                                                                                          297

S. CHEE Wong, V. Yuanita, M. Fadzil Isa, K. Thong YONG;

Systems Assurance & Integration Division, Land Transport Authority of Singapore


Reports of the Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics                                       304