Tunnel Safety and Ventilation

Graz, April 23 – 25, 2012


Vorwort / Preface                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



New Semmering Base Tunnel, Project Description and Ventilation Concept

1G. Gobiet, 2V. Langner, 2B. Hagenah; 1ÖBB Infrastruktur AG,A; 2Gruner GmbH, A



Refurbishment, Risk and Responsibility – Decisions when Upgrading Tunnel Fire Provisions

C. Stacey; Stacey Agnew Pty Ltd, AUS



Risk Analysis as Decisionmaking Tool for Tunnel Design and Operation

B. Kohl, C. Forster; ILF Consulting Engineers, Linz , A



Risk Evaluation for Road Tunnels: Current Developments

C. Zulauf; Ernst Basler + Partner, Zurich, CH



Risk Analyses of the Safety Level of Galleries

1G. Mayer, C. Sistenich 2, 3U. Zimmermann, 4 C. Zulauf;

1PTV AG, Germany, 2 Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen (BASt), D;

3 BUNG Ingenieure AG, D, 4 Ernst Basler + Partner, CH



On Risk Analysis of Complex Road-Tunnel Systems

1R. Brandt, 2M. Schubert, 3N.P. Høj;

1HBI Haerter, Zürich, CH; 2Matrisk, Zürich, CH; 3HOJ Consulting, Brunnen, CH



Evaluation and Interpretation of F/N-Curves: Development of a New Tool for Transparent and Traceable Decision Making

1G. Vollmann, 1M. Thewes, 1S. Kamarianakis;

1Institute for Tunnelling and Construction Management, Bochum, D



Optimization of Road Tunnel Refurbishment Measures based on a Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

1M. Steiger, 1N. Norghauer, 2M. Folly;

1Poyry Infra Ltd, CH, 2ASTRA, CH



RVS 09.03.11 – Upgrading of the Austrian Tunnel Risk Model TuRisMo

1R. Hörhan, 2C. Forster, 2B. Kohl;

1BMVIT Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Vienna, A

2ILF Consulting Engineers, Linz, A



Experimental Investigations about Visibility in a Fire Accident Using a Scale Model Tunnel

1M. Seike, 1N. Kawabata, 1M. Hasegawa, 2F. Tanaka;

1Kanazawa University, JAP; 2University of Fukui, JAP



A Study of the Chimney Natural Exhaust Effect for Road Tunnel Fires – An Evaluation Using a Numerical Simulation of a Full-Scale Tunnel


1Central Nippon Highway Engineering Tokyo Company Ltd., JAP

2Kanazawa University, JAP



The influence of pressure gradients on Ventilation Design – special Focus on upgrading Long tunnels

P.J. Sturm, M. Beyer, M. Bacher, G. Schmölzer ;

Graz University of Technology, A



Control of Smoke propagation in a wide road tunnel with side wall jet fans through a dedicated ventilation strategy

1F. Waymel, 2L. Small, 1M. Lorenz;
1Egis Tunnels, F; 2Skanska Balfour Beatty JV, UK



Crossrail Fire Safety Designs

1Y.S. Ting, 1D.C. Eckford, 1O.R. Dinsdale-Young, 1H. Liang, 2I.N. Bowman;

1Mott MacDonald Limited, UK; 2Hatch Mott MacDonald, CAN



Usage Pattern of Jet Fans for Ventilation of Railway Tunnels

1S.G. Gendler , 2V.A. Sokolov., 2E.A. Savenkov;

1St. Petersburg State Mining University, Russia

2Open joint-stock company “Lenmetrogiprotrans”, Russia



Determination of Aerodynamic Burden in Rail Tunnels Using measurements and simulation

J. Rodler, B. Hagenah; Gruner GmbH Ingenieure und Planer, A



Slovak road tunnel guideline

A. Rudolf; Dr. Alexander Rudolf – Engineering Services - CH



A New Austrian Guideline for Tunnel Safety Documentations

1R. Bopp, 2R. Brandt, 3R. Hörhan, 3C. Hubmayr, 3F. Wiesholzer ;

1BTC - Bopp Tunnel Consulting GmbH, CH; 2HBI Häerter AG, CH

3Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (bmvit), A



Coordination with Emergency Services / Effective Emergency Response Plan

A. Stein; Direction des Ponts et Chaussées, L



An investigation of longitudinal ventilation for short road tunnels with high fire HRR

S. O‘Gorman, R. Nuttall, A. Purchase; Parsons Brinckerhoff, Australia



Mechanical smoke extraction for large fire loads in the gotthard Base Tunnel

Ch. Brander; Pöyry Infra Ltd, CH



Modelling Fire in Tunnels: A Large Scale Validated Two Steps Modelling Method

1B. Truchot, 1G. Leroy, 1F. Fouillen, 2Y. Perin;

1INERIS - Verneuil en Halatte, F ; 2Conseil Général d’Ardèche, F



New Trends for Using LTHD in Road and Train Tunnels for fire detection

A. Rogner; Metaphysics SA, CH



Sensor Failure Detection in Road Tunnel Ventilation

1I. Nakahori, 1T. Sakaguchi, 1A. Mitani, 2A.E.Vardy;

1 Sohatsu Systems Laboratory Inc., JAP; 2 University of Dundee, UK



Acoustical Guidance in Road Tunnels

1L.D. Mellert, 1U. Welte;

1Amstein + Walthert Progress AG, CH



Simplified Method for Longitudinal Ventilation System Design in Fire Situations

1I. Del Rey, 2S. Fernández, 1A. Fraile, 2I. Espinosa;

1ETSII-Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, E

2FFII – CEMIM, Madrid, E



Numerical simulation of Runehamar tunnel fire tests

Y.Z. Li, H. Ingason, A. Lönnermark;

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, S



Impact of the Consideration of Hot Smoke Gases in the Design of Transverse Ventilation Systems

1M. Beyer, 2B. Höpperger, 1P.J. Sturm, 1M. Bacher, 2J. Croll;

1Graz University of Technology, A; 2ILF Consulting Engineers, A



Impact of Density Variations in the Exhaust Duct on Smoke Extraction and Fan Operation Point 

S. Gehrig, R. Buchmann ; Pöyry Infra Ltd., Zurich, CH



Stall and parallel operation

H. Grönwoldt-Hesse; WITT & SOHN AG, D



The A10-Tauern Tunnel Ventilation System from a Contractor’s Perspective - (Experiences and lessons learned)

F. van Vemden, W. Hofstede; Zitron Nederland B.V., NL



Energy Efficiency – ABB Mathematical Model for Tunnel Ventilation Control 

1D. Červar, 2V. Jakobović;
1BINA Istra Operation and Maintenance Ltd., CRO; 2ABB Ltd., CRO



Determination of Ventilation efficiency in Road Tunnels by Using Tracer Methods

B. Frei, R. Stockhaus, M. Imholz, T. De Neef;

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, CH



Compensatory Effecty of Fixed Fire Fighting Systems in Tunnels

1S. Kratzmeir, 1R. Rothe, 2B. Peters,

1IFAB Institute for applied fire safety research, Rostock, D

2Fogtec Fire Protection, Cologne, D



Flexible devices for smoke control in Road Tunnels

M. Bettelini, S. Rigert, N. Seifert;

Amberg Engineering Ltd., Regensdorf-Watt, CH



Ventilation and Distance of Emergency Exits in Steep Bi-Directional Tunnels

1F. Zumsteg, 1U. Steinemann, 2M. Berner;

1US+FZ Consulting Engineers, Lenzburg / Wollerau, CH

2Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), Bern, CH