Tunnel Safety and Ventilation

Graz, Mai 12 - 13, 2014





Implementation of the EU Directive on Minimum Safety Requirements for Tunnels in the Trans-European Road Network - Status Report

S. Wiesholzer;
BMVIT, Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Vienna, A


How Frequent are Fires in Tunnels – Analysis from Austrian Tunnel Incident Statistics


A. LENTZ, B. Kohl; ILF Consulting Engineers, Linz, A


Technical Trade-Offs Using Fixed Fire Fighting Systems

H. Ingason, Y.Z Li;

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, SE


With High Speed to a Safe Emergency Handling - Vienna - St. Pölten Tunnel High-Speed Line

F. Diernhofer1, C. Sommerlechner2, B. FöSSleitner2;

1ILF Consulting Engineers, A, 2ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, A


Upgrading Existing TERN Road Tunnels to Current Needs, Taking the Arlbergtunnel as an Example

M. BACHER, P.J. Sturm;

Graz University of Technology, A


Control of the Tunnel-Ventilation System in the Northern Link (Norra Länken) in Stockholm


Swedish Transport Administration, SE


Automatic Responses when Something Happens: What Should Be Implemented in the Future

T.T. Aralt;

Multiconsult AS, N


Safety Integrated: How much Safety Lies within Tunnel Automation?

R. Raffeiner, T. PFEIFFER; Siemens AG, A


Monitoring Centres - A Developmental Journey into the Next Decade

A. Waltl; ASTL, A

P. Reiter; AutomationX, A


Real-Time Estimation of Heat Release Rates in Tunnel Fires

I. Nakahori.1, T. Sakaguchi.1, A. Nakano1, A. Mitani 1, A.E. Vardy2;
1Sohatsu Systems Laboratory Inc., JPN; 2University of Dundee, UK


Provisions for Reliable and Effective Smoke Detection in Road Tunnels

R. Buchmann, R.Ruckstuhl;

Pöyry Switzerland Ltd, Zurich, CH


A Unique Technology for Early Fire Detection in Tunnel Environments

E. Riemer, C. Romnäs;

SENTIO by Firefly, Stockholm, SE


Early Fire Detection in Swiss Road Tunnels with more than 1’500 FireGuard Sensors

W.W. Schuldt;

Sigrist-Photometer AG, CH


Airflow Measurement in Road Tunnels

U. Grässlin, U. Drost, GP Nodiroli.;

Lombardi Engineering Ltd, Minusio, CH


Analysis of a 10 MW Fire in an Underground Railway Station usingFull Scale Tests and CFD

J. Rodler1, A. BASSLER2, E. SCHNELL2;
1Gruner GmbH Consulting Engineers, 2Austria, Gruner AG


Air Barriers used for Separating Smoke Free Zones in Case of Fire in Tunnel


Building Research Institute Fire Research Department, PL


Evaluating Smoke Recirculation Potential at the Portal of a Swiss Road Tunnel in Case of a Fire

R. Yousaf, S. Gehrig, R. Buchmann;

Pöyry Switzerland Ltd, Zürich, CH


The Effect of Fixed Smoke Barriers on Evacuation Environment in Road Tunnel Fires with Natural Ventilation

M. Seike1, N. Kawabata2, M. Hasegawa2;
1Kanazawa University Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, JPN

2Kanazawa University, JPN


Study for Safety at a Relatively Short Tunnel when a Tunnel Fire Occurred

Y. Mikame1,2, N. Kawabata1, M. Seike1, M. Hasegawa1;

1Kanazawa University, 2Metropolitan Expressway Company Ltd., JPN;


Effectiveness of Implementation Draught Relief Shaft in Subway Railway Tunnels

S. Shahryari, H. DASHTI, K. DAMIRCHI;

MAPNA Group, Tehran, Iran


Standardizing the Technical and Structural Specification of Doors in Tunnels

D. ZIERL, K. Liebwald, L. Rossbacher;

ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, Engineering Services, A


Folgoso Tunnel Refurbishment Works: Features and Challenges


1Spanish Ministry of Public Works, 2Tecpro Ingeniería Civil SL, 3Geocontrol S.A., 4COPASA, E


Fire, Risk and Project Governance

C.H.B. Stacey;

Stacey Agnew Pty Ltd, AUS


Upgrading of the Austrian Tunnel Risk Model TuRisMoMethodical and Practical Aspects

B. Kohl, C. FORSTER; ILF Consulting Engineers, Linz, A

S. Wiesholzer; BMVIT Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Vienna, A


Development of a Risk Assessment Method for Fire in Rail Tunnels

B. v. Weyenberge1,2, X. Deckers1,2;

1Fire Engineered Solutions Ghent, BE, 2Ghent University, BE


Fixed Firefighting Systems in Road Tunnels - General Requirements and Capabilities


ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH, A


Improving Ventilation and Passive Protection with FFFS

R. Rothe; IFAB, Berlin, D

M. Lakkonen, D. SPRAKEL; FOGTEC Fire Protection, Cologne, D


Comparison of Deluge and Water Mist Systems from a Performance and Practical Point of View

M. Lakkonen, D. Sprakel, D. a. Feltmann;

FOGTEC Fire Protection, D


Ventilation and Escape Facilities for Short Cut-and-Cover Urban Tunnels

M. Bettelini, S. Rigert;

Amberg Engineering Ltd., Regensdorf-Watt, CH


High Temperature Testing and Certification of Fans for Tunnel Ventilation


ZITRON Nederland, NL


European Directive: Guidelines for Tunnel Safety Officers in the French Context

A. Picard;

APRR Groupe, F


Increased Tunnel Availability through Model Based Decision Support

D.C. Oerlemans, E.W. Worm;

Covalent Infra Technology Solutions, Amersfoort, NL


Risk Based Maintenance in Swiss Road Tunnels - Analysis, Findings and Implementations

L.D. Mellert, M. Zbinden, U. Welte;

Amstein + Walthert Progress AG, CH


On the Four Elements of Tunnel Safety: Fire, Air, Water and Earth

R. Brandt;

HBI Haerter, Zürich, CH




Transition of Japanese Road Tunnels Ventilation and Smoke Exhaust in Tunnel Fires

Kanazawa University Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology,

2Echoplan Company Ltd, JPN


Influence of Fires on Air Velocity Measurements at Downstream Measurement Locations

M. Rafiei, P.J. Sturm;

Graz University of Technology, A