Tunnel Safety and Ventilation

Graz, April 25 - 26, 2016





On the Road to safer tunnels                                                                                                  1

F. Zumsteg, U. Steinemann; US+FZ Consulting Engineers, Lenzburg/Wollerau, CH

M. Eisenlohr; Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), Bern, CH


Disaster management requires a strong and well-established safety culture                9

A. Stein; Ponts et Chaussées, L


On the aerodynamic characteristics of partly open galleries in case of fire                13

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Incident Tested: Rescue, evacuation and fire protection at the Koralm Tunnel 2 -
A review of the fire event in 2015 and the practical implementation of the
concept in the event of an incident                                                                                       21

S. FEHLEISEN; ÖBB Infrastruktur AG, A

J. FrieSSnegg; ARGE KAT2, A


Preliminary ventilation and cooling during the construction of the
Brenner Base Tunnel                                                                                                               29

1A. Busslinger, 2R. Insam;

1HBI Haerter AG, CH, 2BBT SE, A


The ventilation and cooling of long railway tunnels during equipment:
Experiences and challenges on the example of the Gotthard Base Tunnel                      37

S. Gehrig, T. Melchior; Pöyry Switzerland Ltd, Zurich, CH



Investigating different operational scenarios for the proposed emergency
ventilation system in Furka tunnel                                                                                      45

R. Yousaf, T. Melchior; Pöyry Switzerland Ltd., CH


egress way ventilation for escape routes in tunnels –
design of overpressure systems                                                                                     53

J.W. Huijben, M.E. Huijben; Tunnel Safety Consults, NL

E. Thesing; PhiTech Solutions, NL


Comparing PIARC Emissions with Australian Tunnel Measurements                             61

C. Stacey, M. Meissner, P. Ridley; Stacey Agnew Pty Ltd, AUS


Investigations on smoke propagation with longitudinal ventilation by means
of a model tunnel                                                                                                                    69

A. Klein, W. Jessen, M. Oeser, W. Schröder; RWTH Aachen University, D

C. Sistenich; Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), Bergisch Gladbach, D


Tunnel complex Blanka in Prague – testing of the operational safety and
fire ventilation system"                                                                                                         77

J. ZAPARKA, L. SAJTAR, J. PORIZEK; Satra spol. s r.o., CZ

J. SULC, Czech Technical University in Prague, CZ


Tunnels Corrosion and several problems in fans in road tunnels of
A-67 Highway                                                                                                                           83

1F. Collazos-ARIAS, 2P. Pascual-Muñoz, 3L. Ayres;

1Ministry of Development, E; 2University of Cantabria, E; 3Imesapi, E


Risk Analyses of Tunnels Using the Swiss Guideline and Methodology for
Risk Assessment and Risk Evaluation                                                                                   92

N. P. Hoj; HOJ Consulting, Brunnen, CH

S. Rigert, M. Bettelini; Amberg Engineering Ltd., Regensdorf-Watt, CH


Findings from the new PIARC report “Experience with significant incidents
in road tunnels”                                                                                                                   100

B. Kohl;
ILF Consulting Engineers Austria GmbH, A


Consequence analysis of false fire detection in road tunnels                                       110

T. Sakaguchi, i. nakahori;Sohatsu Systems Laboratory Inc., Kobe, JPN

B. Kohl, o. SENEKOWISCH; ILF Consulting Engineers, Linz, A

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Developing a new model to predict fire flame length under tunnel ceiling
based dimensional and regression analysis                                                                      120

B. Niknam, K. Shahriar, H. Madanic;

Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


CFD and engineering method coupling for evaluating the fire relative to
battery transportation                                                                                                         132

INERIS, Verneuil en Halatte, F


The treatment of the throttling effect in incompressible 1D flow solvers                   141

C. Fleming, G. Clark, K. Meeks; Atkins Ltd, UK

T. Wicht; HBI Haerter, CH



How to compute relevant meteorological portal differences                                         149

B. Höpperger, J.Croll;
TFD Consulting Engineer e.U.; Igls, A


Partially enclosed stations – Key safety considerations                                                  157

P.J. Gehrke, R. Nuttall; Mott MacDonald, AUS

S. O’Gorman; WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff, US;
A. Purchase; WSP Sverige AB, S


Choosing a Fire Ventilation Strategy for an Underground Metro Station                      165

W. Węgrzyński, G. Krajewski, P. Sulik;

Fire Research Department (ITB), PL


Development of an original measurement method for the Toulouse Metro (France)  173



Use of venturi jets located out of tunnels for their ventilation during the periods
of tunneling completion or at their reconstruction                                                         181

S.G. Gendler; National Mineral Resource University "Mining", RU

E.A. Savenkov; Open Joint Stock Company Scientific Research “Lenmetrogiprotran”; RU

Effectiveness of smoke extraction with semi-transverse ventilation systems
in short road tunnel                                                                                                            189

1Y. Mikame, 2,3M. Seike, 2N. Kawabata;

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Experiment on Velocity Control by a Shutter Device Installed on Tunnel Portal          196

Hanshin Expressway Company Ltd., JPN


On the specification of operation modes for tunnel ventilation                                    204

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Model based dynamic feedforward control of longitudinal tunnel ventilation        212

N. Euler-Rolle, C. Bammer, S. Jakubek; TU Wien, A

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Ventilation Control in the Case of Fire: A Practical Approach to the
Implementation of PI Controllers                                                                                        220


1TU Graz / IVT, A; 2Dürr Austria GmbH, A; 3ASFINAG BMG, A


Control of longitudinal airflow velocity during fire situations in the
tunnel complex Blanka                                                                                                        230

1J. Sulc, 2J. Zápařka, 2J. Pořízek, 3J. Cigler, 1L. Ferkl;

1Czech Technical University in Prague, 2Satra, spol. s r.o., 3Feramat Cybernetics, spol. s r.o.; CZ



Intelligent sensor fusion in road tunnel observation for false alarm reduction
using supervised machine learning and unsupervised unusual event detection        238

1J. Traxler, 2G. Mayer, 3M. Obst, 4T. Heinrich, 1M. Bommes;

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Reliable detection of abnormalities within traffic flow in tunnels                               246

P.J.C. Maessen, H.M. Hendrix; Rijkswaterstaat, NL

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High performance lighting - On the road for energy efficiency in tunnels                254

1J. Vercammen, 2A. Audenaert;

1Flemish government, BE; 2University of Antwerp, BE


Reliability and Availability Prediction Calculations in the Gotthard Base Tunnel – Water Supply and Drainage System                                                                                                                    262

Pöyry Switzerland Ltd.; CH


Evacuation Speed Distribution by Full-Scale Tunnel Experiments                                 270

1,2M. SEIKE, 1N. Kawabata, 1M. Hasegawa, 1,3Y.-C. Lu;

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Considerations on the application of water mist in road tunnels                                 276

E.W. Worm; Consultant; NL



Effect of automatic fixed fire fighting systems on tunnel safety                                 284

A. Mühlberger, A. PLAB; University of Regensburg, D

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Testing of complex tunnel systems                                                                                    292

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Evaluation of the jet fan performance in tunnels                                                            298

M. Beyer, P.J. Sturm, M. SAURWEIN, M. BACHER;
TU Graz / IVT, A


Comissioning of the ventilation control of the E4 Stockholm bypass                            315

R. Brandt; HBI Haerter, CH

L. Elertson; Swedish Transport Administration, S


Complex commissioning and quantitative testing of the Gotthard Base Tunnel ventilation system      323

Pöyry Switzerland Ltd., CH



Reports of the

Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics                                   331