Technical Visit


The Res@ZaB is an Austrian centre for research, development and testing, with a focus on the construction and operation of subsurface infrastructure. This unique research facility is under construction in a dedicated part of the Styrian Erzberg (an iron mine in operation since the 11th century). It comprises two parallel tubes for road traffic and another two for rail traffic, each of about 400 m in length. These tubes lead into an existing tunnel, which has been suitably equipped up to a length of about one kilometre. These five tubes meet in a central cavern, forming a huge tunnel complex offering numerous possibilities for research, operation and training.

The visit of the Res@ZaB contains a tour to the new tunnel tubes currently under construction and starts with an introduction given by Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Robert Galler, head of the Institute for Subsurface Engineering at Montanuniversität Leoben, in the so called “Bohrerschmiede”. After this, the visit of the tunnel construction site is carried out in groups. A technical tour includes a fire test at the construction site.

A visit of the active open-pit mining is carried out using special vehicles (Hauly), whereby the vehicle will stop at the most interesting points of the mining, where drilling, blasting, digging and hauling is done extensively every day.


Attention: restricted paticipation

8:15 Meeting point: Messe Congress Graz

8:30 Departure by bus from the conference venue to “Zentrum am Berg”


15:30  Return to Messe Congress by bus

17:30 – 18:00 Expected arrival at Graz

Costs for the participation in the technical visit: € 120,-
(The fee includes bus transfer and snacks)
For registration please register online.



in cooperation with

Österreichisches Nationalkomitee des
Welt-Straßenverbandes AIPCR/PIARC
(Austrian National Committee of PIARC)